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This week our YouTube Channel just hit the 100k subscriber mark.  Our channel is something we’re proud of as it’s not only an awesome showcase for our work but also a great direct link to all the amazing followers. It’s given us the chance to breakdown traditional broadcast barriers and raise the innovation and story telling with in our work, so it’s both flattering and exciting for both us at Cut Media and our clients to have 100k people ready to watch our newest projects!

Latest Cut Media

Latest Cut Media work playlist on YouTube

From the very beginning at Cut Media we’ve always championed digital media, the growth of online video and the true ability to build a direct link to an audience through the internet.  So many producers and agencies these days pitch and talk about creating online content or tell brands how to build a following through various digital channels, but very few can back it up with a genuine following or experience in doing that.  With that in mind it’s definitely exciting for us to reach such a following at Cut Media and an endorsement to the quality of our work and knowledge of online content…  More than that though it’s simply awesome to have direct contact, conversation and feedback with people who watch and follow our work!

It’s not only us that (admittedly we are very biased) think that our channel is awesome.  A few months ago YouTube themselves made us an official ‘Partner Channel.’  That doesn’t just sound fancy, it is both recognition for the quality of our work, the audience we’ve gathered but also it means that all our projects now get a bigger distribution within YouTube.  Our films will be more often on the front page, get more video recommendations to viewers and general all round building of extra audience and numbers for our channel…  Good times!!


Here’s what our channel looks like… See that big number at the top!

Thanks to all our clients who have believed in distributing their content and promoting their brand through our channel, all the athletes who have featured and finally to YouTube for loving our content.  We’ve got another great film coming in the next few weeks so stay tuned!

To celebrate we’re going to run a few contests over on our social media over the next few weeks, there are some amazing prizes up for grabs so.  Give us a follow and there will be more news soon!

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