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At Cut Media music is definitely a huge part of our films.  We literally spend hours searching through tracks to find the perfect fit for our edits and vision for the films.  For us the music accompanying a film is a huge character in what we’re creating and can really add another dimension to the viewing experience.


Music is an, erm, big part of studio life… :)

Music is something lots of people ask us about, both how we found it and also ‘what was the song you used in that film?’ so we’re most certainly flattered that people are interested to explore the songs further and inspired to buy them, download them and listen to the music in their own time.  We love the fact that people discover music through films, growing up as an avid fan of certain films, or watching the latest ‘action sports’ film would always inspire us to physically go to the shop and by the cd (showing our age :-)..).

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So we decided to put together a Spotify playlist of music from some of our films and particularly our favourite films we’ve worked on over the years.  So hopefully if you didn’t know the track, then you do now, or alternatively we’ve created a handy list so you can look out the video if you hadn’t seen it before!  The playlist link is below and at the bottom of the page you can find all the details of which films (or not) the tracks featured!

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Video Link 

Arctic House Lowlakes Dougie Lampkin: Tundra Trial 
Blackbird Martyn Bennett Danny Macaskill: The Ridge 
The Wolves Ben Howard Danny Macaskill: Industrial Revolutions 
First Light Racing Glaciers Secret new film out next week J 
Wishingbone Winter People This actualy didn’t appear in a film because we couldn’t licence it, but we love it. It was going to be this 
Higher Power/Where

have all the goodtime gone

Joe Gideon and the Shark Steve Peat Solo 
Sacrilege Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Interestingly this was our original choice for the Santa Cruz Stigmata film. Due to a number of issues we couldn’t clear the track in time for release of the film though 
Runaway Houston Danny Macaskill: Imaginate 
Fire Water Django Django Sir Chris Hoy meets Danny Macaskill 
Devils Spoke Laura Marling Santa Cruz Stigmata 
Free ft Emele Sande Rudimental The offical music video directed by Stu 
Sun Breaking Through Message to Bears Making ‘The Ridge’ 
It’s OK – Acoustic Tom Rosenthal Delphi Adventure Resort 
Rest of my Life Holley Maher Hannah Barnes: Northwest 
Rescue Me Braebach Hannah Barnes: Northwest 
The Insignificant Buller Joe Gideon and the Shark 24hr Solo Championships 
Black Woods, White Beach Afterlife Parade 2013 Showreel 
The Quay American Wake Very old Joe Barnes/Ben A’an film 
Sheila Jamie T Santa Cruz Custom 
A Little Piece Jezabels A little addition. Not our work but our favourite Danny Mac edit (directed by Dave Sowerby) and we LOVE the song. 



  1. Andrew
    February 10, 2016

    Thanks for sharing. Would love to know the music from the Horizons film with Hazel and Steve Findlay. Was hoping I’d find it on this list, but sadly not. :( Any clues about that one?

  2. Andrew Kennedy
    February 11, 2016

    Thanks for sharing. I’m wondering what music was used for the Hazel & Steve Findlay video – hoped to see it here but its not on this list. Inquiring minds want to know!


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