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At Cut Media we’ve just been hit with a pretty big filming award for our ever increasing trophy cabinet (ok, realistically it’s more of a small shelf in the office but that sounded good…)…  Awards and film festival wins are not something we normally shout about (we do it for the love you see :-)) but on Sunday three of us who shot ‘The Ridge‘ were nominated for an ‘Award of Excellence’ by the Guild of Television Cameramen.  The Guild is a non profit organisation of over a thousand television cameramen and operators in the UK and has been running since 1972.  In amongst the nominations were a plethora of well known TV shows landing from prime time Saturday night entertainment such as Strictly to more gritty Sky or Channel 4 documentaries, and somehow we ended up with a nomination from none other than the founder and chairman!


Celebratory Predator high five with our new awards!!

So we donned our good sneakers, finest skinny jeans and a bought some shirts and headed down to Banbury near Oxfordfordshire for a night hobnobbing with some of the most talented people in the UK television industry.  Drawn by the exciting thought of picking up and award (ok, it was a free bar and food too which helped) we ended up meeting a load of cool people and were truly blown away by the response the film got from an audience of whom many hadn’t seen the film before.

Long story short is that we won an ‘Award of Excellence’ for the camera work and myself (Stu), Scott and Lec stumbled up to the stage, made a nervous speech and walked away with some awesome glass trophies and an amazing award that we’re truly proud of….  Genuinely it is truly humbling to be nominated and voted for an award by our peers and people who work in the TV industry, we were completely blown away when we discovered we were nominate but to win an award an be put in the company of some of the incredible work we viewed on Sunday night is incredible.

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New bling in the office!!

Thanks to the Guild for the nomination, all the crew who worked on The Ridge, Danny for being rad on a bike and Arnie and the entire crew of Predator for giving us the inspiration for all the hiking, banter and evening entertainment for all 2 weeks of the shoot…





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  1. Mark
    May 20, 2015

    Congratulations guys, it’s cool to see you getting recognition of that level for your work :)


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