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Hi, my name’s Andre and I’m the latest addition (Newbie) at Cut Media HQ. To set things straight, my name isn’t actually Andre…but it was decided that (after noticing my Instagram handle) that moving the ‘W’ from Andrew and putting it at the start of my surname made a much more enjoyable title – Andrew Ashworth becomes Andre Washworth. It’s slowly growing on me….

The aim of my blog/social media updates is to inform you of what it’s really like to work here, and how to best serve as a Cut Media employee… As the newbie in the Studio, there are some rituals that seem to take place. First of all, learn to edit, and expect to do a lot of it. There’s nothing like long days at the edit desk sifting through footage while the big bosses are cruising about having international conference calls, drinking lattes, and polishing their precious awards… Thankfully however, there’s an awesome Red Bull dispenser in the studio…it helps with those long editing days… :)

Edit Desk Mountain

Red Bull keeping the edit suite ticking over!!

Secondly, you should prepare to be invited along on an office bike ride once your credibility is high enough. This can become a very tense occasion, where you have to weigh up what will hurt your dignity more – being slower and safer, or crashing. It’s worth remembering that both Scott and Stu who run Cut Media both raced bikes in the past. You don’t need to keep up with them. Just make up excuses like “did you see that deer back there?!” or “some guy just asked me for directions so I had to stop”.


After work recreation or a just fish out of water??

Thirdly, expect to carry a lot of stuff… The more toys we have on a shoot the better for the film, but that means there is lots to carry!  I heard a rumour today that I’m booked onto our next foreign flight with four more bags than the others…it’s a hard knock life…

And finally, you should make sure you can take a joke or two…or three…or four…and make sure you can retaliate with some sarcy comments of your own. There’s nothing like a bit of office banter…  It’s all good fun really.

More to come soon :-)




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