Dougie Lampkin: Wheelie Man Documentary


Growing up I was a keen trials enthusiast, my dad got me into the sport and as a teenager Dougie was my idol.  So when Red Bull approached us to create a documentary of his journey to try and wheelie the TT course it straight away became more than just any film for me.

I suspect many people who don't know of Dougie may see that he was attempting to wheelie around the infamous Isle of Man TT course and be reasonably impressed or vaguely interested, however this film was and is so much more than a wheelie.  Dougie went on a huge emotional journey throughout the film, we covered his upbringing, family, early career, successes, and then ultimately the preparation and challenge of lapping a full 37 mile road circuit of hills, turns and wild weather conditions on one wheel.  However the most incredible, inspiring, funny and down right talented person to grace Dougie's career was his father, a champion in his own right we've had the pleasure of working with Martin Lampkin a few times.  Every time it was basically belly aching laughter mixed with an equal measure of dedication and hard work - a great man in so many ways.

Sadly, mid way through the build up to the 'wheelie' event Martin passed away.  A shock to all of us and an event that through Dougie into understandable emotional turmoil, particularly given from the moment he first put a leg over a bike Martin has been his partner in the 'magic team' as Dougie referred to it...  The next few months became about far more than a simple wheelie.

Big thank you to everyone who made the documentary possible.  All the Lampkin's, Jake Miller, Blackie, Hope, Vertigo and the whole Red Bull family.  I can't stress how proud we all are of the results of this documentary.  No matter what your interests or knowledge of motorcycle trials please give this a watch.  Dedicated to Martin we hope in our own small way it is a fitting piece for his memory.



A few BTS pics below....

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