From Storyboard to Finished Article - 'Home Of Trails' BTS


When it comes to making a film with a talent such as Danny MacAskill, you might think that we just travel to a cool place, get the camera gear out and the magic just happens. We wish that was the case! Every project we create takes a lot of creative and logistical planning to produce content we can be proud of and works for our clients.


For our 'Home Of Trails’ project that was released in April, the brief was to create a tourism film showcasing the incredible mountain biking on offer in the Graubünden region of Switzerland. One of the starring athletes was our old friend Danny MacAskill. Alongside him: Claudio Caluori. As you can imagine, Danny's time is precious and sought after. Sponsor commitments, shows, films and events have him travelling all over the world, so planning and working to a strict schedule is imperative.  We collaborated with renowned Swiss ad agency Jung von Matt over a number of months to ensure that everything, down to the last shot, was prepared. Before we even thought about reaching for the cameras, numerous locations across the region had to be scouted over several recce trips.


It goes without saying that one of the most important points of this film are Danny and Claudio. We believe that, on a project like this, managing and working with the talent from initial concept to completion is essential, and it's something we pride ourselves on. We don't just turn up at a location and tell our stars to 'perform'. It doesn't work like that. We work with them, scouting locations, brainstorming how they can perform to their best and how we can convey that performance to the audience. We are regularly working with athletes and personalities who have an image and reputation to uphold - these guys attract an audience for a reason, so combining their abilities/approach and working with them to fit with an overall vision is crucial. Our job is to encourage them, capture their performance while portraying their talent the best way possible and ensure both our client and talent are happy with the final product. 

For 'Home Of Trails' we worked closely with Danny and Claudio to plan what was possible in terms of riding, locations available and the time we were afforded. Then together with JvM: scripts, storyboards and plans were made. And revised. And revised again!


The storyboard and script were created with the brief, locations and talent's input in mind. Scroll down to check out some of the pre-shoot storyboard images alongside the screenshots taken from the finished film. As you can see from the comparisons, we were able to realise the concept and vision accurately - even if we do say so ourselves!

We (Cut Media and JvM) wanted the vibe of the film to be fun and lighthearted, and that's where the dialogue between Claudio and Danny comes in. Ridiculous scenarios and impressive tricks aside, it really is like a fun ride with two mates!

We're so happy with how the film turned out as were Graubünden, JvM, Danny and Claudio. Having such a great storyboard helped us to realise the concept and it is a great example of how we work with our client and talent from concept to distribution.

If you haven't seen the finished film, then what are you waiting for? Hit play below and go for a ride with Danny and Claudio in the Home Of Trails.

You can also hit play and watch the full Behind The Scenes film below

Rab WardellCut Media