Cut Media 2019 Showreel


What do Cut Media and Content have in common?

They both begin with C and are both constantly evolving

Sorry, not a joke but it got your attention, right? 

This was our intention when launching our brand-new Cut Media showreel which is all about switching up traditional methods of self-promotion and injecting some punch to our reel. The aim was to give a sense of both what we have achieved as a small and growing company, but also tell you a little about who we are in 2019.

Our work isn’t just something we do, it’s something that gives voice to our imagination, our personalities, our talents and we will always continue to transcend traditional expectations. Ever growing, never slowing.  


The way we consume, create and deliver content is constantly shifting and it’s often hard to keep on top of trends in the industry we work in. As creatives, our relationship with ever-changing technology is both a window for opportunity and an ongoing hardship. We’re proud to be leading the way with premium video content and tailored campaigns, but also incredibly lucky to have such a diverse array of clients who allow our way of thinking to be unrestricted. 2018 and into this year have seen us cover all bases of digital advertising and saw us produce documentaries, broadcast TV ads, short branded content pieces, Instagram stories to GIFs – you name it, we’ve got our stamp on it. 

Over time, our work has completely evolved and it’s all thanks to our clients and those who have supported and followed us along the way. Whilst all of our films are different, each one represents our commitment to our clients as well as our commitment to being unique. 

Here’s a glimpse at some of our favourite shoots over the years with our awesome team


Since 2009, we have been honing our craft, adapting with the times as they come and go. Gone are the ‘one film, one platform’ days and looking back on times gone by it’s hard to imagine today that uploading a 60 second film on YouTube was considered full utilisation of marketing. Even delivering one film to be distributed in the same fashion across multiple platforms has become a thing of the past. The competition is fierce, but today we are proud to develop, plan and execute our work with all platforms in mind. Our mission is simple; firstly, create dynamic and captivating content that will inspire. Secondly, tune the content to fit the correct platform where it is guaranteed to be seen by the right audiences, but more importantly, remembered. 

We carefully consider our platform distribution, enabling us to put our client’s needs at the forefront of our minds and we have an inherent understanding of what works best. This can be seen in our work through outdoor media on a London underground for RHA, producing 18 different deliverables including stills, social and TV ads for Jet2 or commercial adverts, Instagram stories to GIFs for Adidas. 

Our RHA campaign at Piccadilly Circus

Our RHA campaign at Piccadilly Circus

Still from our Jet2 Indulgent Escapes TV campaign

Still from our Jet2 Indulgent Escapes TV campaign

GiF from our collaboration with Adidas for their Two Boa campaign

GiF from our collaboration with Adidas for their Two Boa campaign


Although our 2019 showreel is a celebration of some of our best work and favourite jobs, we also created it to perfectly encompass everything we’re all about. We wanted to make a showreel that shows off more than just our technical abilities. We wanted one to showcase diversity in our work, our creative approaches and most importantly our personality. It was so important to get across a fun element, because hey, we’re a bunch of fun guys and gals, and it’s vital to connect with our audiences by evoking emotion. Inspiring people, sparking interest or causing a laugh or cry, the most important thing is to connect. 


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