Hardtails and Hard Hats with Endura

Throwing it back in skateboard style, Cut Media’s latest film series for Endura takes you on a nostalgic ride into the past.

With the majority of new mountain bike edits being filled with the polished look of 4K cameras, drone shots and gimbal moves, for ‘The Protection Project’ we decided to take it back to the ‘old skool’.  Our latest release, the 2nd instalment of the series for Endura, celebrating the launch of their first ever full-face helmet with Koroyd technology, takes on similar approach, but this time, with added banter from the legendary boys of Hazzard Racing tackling some of their steepest and sketchiest downhill tracks on Hardtails. 

The Project

The first in the series, ‘Project Projection: Tape 01’, starring Danny MacAskill and our very own Stu Thomson, takes a similar approach to film style, but with some added banter and camaraderie. Both of them take a more relaxed approach to performing stunts because of Endura protection and we see them having a lot of fun testing their limits. The film was specifically created to celebrate Endura Protection and Danny’s partnership.

The second film sets out to promote Endura’s release of the world’s first full-face helmet with Koroyd technology. When thinking about how we could show this helmet in action, we had the idea to show the Hazzard boys on their super steep and loose local trails. To make it more fun and challenging, we put them on Hardtails, creating something fresh for viewers with the aim to also create some nostalgia – referencing the likes of Earthed 3’s ‘Hardtails Rule’ section (bonus points to anyone who thought of this while watching). With the laughs, skids and comical fails from Joe Barnes and his wild riding posse, the helmets fitted really well into the narrative, extra protection being a welcome addition when things got a little sketchy.

Old School Filming Style

Drawing inspiration from old-school classics like Sprung and more recent films as A Slice of British Pie, the films are raw in style and packed with energy. Using some quick pans, zooms, plenty of fisheye matched with some fast cuts and some extra added edit touches by the team meant we could pack as much action and fun into the short films as possible.

The team used the ultimate old school tape cameras for this shoot. The Sony TRV900 and VX1000 transporting both us and the viewer back to the good ol’ days of mountain bike videos…  


TAPE 01: Cambusbarron, near Stirling, is famous amongst Scottish mountain bike enthusiasts for its fun trails and old cement features combining to make some wild lines. This made for an awesome playground for the likes of Danny to bring some trials-influenced riding to the woods!

TAPE 02: Shot in the home of the Mountain Bike World Cup Fort William and Joe’s local trails. The riding is steep, rutted and loose!

Both films were a lot of fun and we loved taking a trip down memory lane with our camera kit!

Photos courtesy of Sean Hardy and Miles Trotter ©