Our 2018 Highlights

As 2018 comes to a close and new projects are on our minds, we thought we’d take a moment to look back at what a memorable year we’ve had.

We’ve been fortunate enough to shoot in some of our favourite locations and work with brands we love collaborating with. However, let’s cut to the chase - here are 10 of our favourite projects to be released in 2018…


Graeme Obree, Athlete or Genius?

Athlete or Genius? The charismatic athlete Graeme Obree shot to fame in the early 90s after twice breaking the world hour record on a bike he'd built using parts from an old washing machine.

Collaborating with Endura we developed and produced a short documentary that took his ground-breaking designs (that were eventually banned by cycling governing body) and test them using the latest Formula 1 wind tunnel technology.

The story follows Graeme on his journey to ultimately find out which of his revolutionary designs was ultimately faster and if his genius as an innovator gave him a significant athletic advantage.


Adidas TERREX Zero-Dye Pack

Our brief for the Zero-Dye Pack was to create a commercial campaign that presented the new environmentally friendly trail running shoe as a 'Blank Canvas' to showcase your run. We travelled to the contrasting landscapes of Utah and Iceland in late 2017 to work alongside Adidas global athletes.

Final delivery in April this year included the primary 60sec commercial and a range of supporting social content including Instagram Stories, social cuts and GIFs. Read the blog HERE.


Home of Trails

Our brief for this one was to create a tourism film showcasing the incredible mountain biking on offer in the Graubünden region of Switzerland. One of the starring athletes was our old friend Danny MacAskill and alongside him: Claudio Caluori.

See behind the scenes and how we storyboarded Home of Trails HERE.


Focus Paralane²

For the release of Focus’ latest E-road bike, we shot in contrasting locations and conditions to show its versatility and potential. We spent time in Girona as well as the Scottish Highlands to film it in action, and polished it off with some studio shots in Glasgow.


A Trip on the Bronson

Santa Cruz are always down to have some fun with their release films, and what we came up with for the new Bronson film featuring Josh ‘Ratboy’ Bryceland was certainly that. Josh gets loose on the trails near his canal boat in this post-production-heavy film with animated Krad and Josh Lewis along for the ride.


Cervélo S5 Launch

How do you launch the fastest aero-road bike in the world?

To accompany the recent release of Cervélo’s new S5 and the news of their partnership with Team Sunweb, we made a different kind of road bike launch film…

A lot went into this launch so we recommend you check out its blog if you want to know more.


Sam, Sam² but Different

Starring Geoff Gulevich and Olly Wilkins in a unique split screen journey in the Alps and Surrey Hills, this one was super fun to shoot and required some strong work in the edit! 


RHA TrueConnect

We brought to life a full campaign of video and stills which can be watched across social media platforms or the London underground. Which ever you come across first.

Since RHA are based in Glasgow, we decided to showcase other worldwide talent based in Glasgow, such as Red Bull BMX athlete Kriss Kyle and award-nominated music artist Kobi Onyame. Kobi has opened for Kanye West and Kriss is a worldwide action-sports star, so we were delighted to have them both on-board.

Read more in the blog HERE.


Terrex Mountain Project

We spent a week in the Lofoton Islands, Norway following the winners of Adidas’ TERREX Mountain Project. The footage was used for many variations of social content across different platforms. It was a delight to revisit this part of the world again after shooting there with Hazel Findlay and Steve Peat previously.


See South Scotland

We’ve all been there. Looking out of the car window as the world flies by, taking in our surroundings as we travel through flowing, changing landscapes. It is here that we are transported - both physically and emotionally - on a journey of inspiration and adventure into the new and unexplored.

For VisitScotland, we created a relatable and fun narrative - portraying a family inspired by their journey in South Scotland to get out and experience what’s around them.

Whether you’re directly involved with us here at Cut Media or just take interest in what we do, thanks for being a part of our 2018. It’s been unforgettable and we’re looking forward to new projects, places and people in 2019!

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