RHA Audio TrueConnect Launch Campaign

This summer we had the pleasure of collaborating with fellow Glasgow-based brand, RHA Audio. They were looking to bring their brand image to life in a campaign with photo and - for the first time - video, launching the new TrueConnect wireless earbud.

RHA attract an audience who are looking for high-end, quality audio, and are passionate about fitness, sport, travel and creativity. It was the perfect opportunity for us to bring our expertise in working with high class performers and athletes to the project.

To start with, our brief was to bring the right personalities to the project. Personalties with creative or sporting abilities that would naturally lend themselves to promoting the ergonomic fit and functionality of the earbud but - more importantly - bring the right vibe and personality to the RHA brand. We looked at several options but ultimately decided the best approach was to celebrate our homegrown talent. This would allow us to bring a whole new level of story telling to the overall brand campaign and social media awareness.

Having worked closely with Kriss Kyle through Cirque du Soleil and Red Bull, we saw this as a great opportunity to bring his image and riding to a new audience. BMX is a visual we’re passionate in working with and its diverse urban nature really worked for RHA. Kriss’ riding is renowned for being incredibly creative and complex. We knew if the earbud was able to withstand his riding, we were on to a winner.

Our relationship with Kobi began with our Adidas Terrex TWO campaign earlier this year in which we featured his track ‘Chosen Ones’. We were really attracted to his personality, story, creativity and most importantly his music. Bringing the original hip-hop sound he produces to the soundtrack of the film was another important layer in the TrueConnect campaign and brand story.

Completing the cast we brought in the amazing Flo, who would become our city commuter/travel character, and Athina - who helped us really sell home the unparalleled fit of the headphones with her performance on the gymnastics rings.

We pulled out the Arri Alexa Mini coupled with a vintage set of Lecia R lens as our main camera setup and hit the ground running with a two day shoot across Glasgow and Edinburgh. We chose locations which brought a fresh, modern city image without getting too wrapped up in identifiable locations. Each character had their own individual stories and uses for the headphone to best show the functionality and brand image of RHA. Each scene was inter-cut into a main 60sec commercial and then re-worked into stand alone short edits and vertical phone clips for each person with their own unique messaging.

Capturing the campaign’s still images was the second part to the project. We ran this alongside the video shoot in order for us to be consistent in terms of story. The images were going to be the main focal point for all print advertising and a key element to pulling the full package together.

The result created a full package of advertising across many formats through digital platforms, social media and London Underground billboards. The whole campaign aimed to promote the new TrueConnect earbud and elevate the RHA brand image. We’re proud to have worked closely with such an awesome local UK brand to achieve this vision and more.

BTS, CommercialsCut Media