Vertical Video: Cut Media Stories

At Cut Media our primary objective with our clients is to always develop and deliver creative video campaigns that fit their desired brief. We specialise in video, but that word campaign is at the heart of everything we do.

As a company we are really one part creative agency, one part production company and are strong believers in breaking the traditional creative/production structure. We are consistent in delivering a comprehensive approach to any creative content campaign; from creative idea right through to post production, all under one roof. We then deliver a toolbox of platform specific content to create our client’s campaign, all specifically designed around the brand’s marketing objectives.

Vertical Video is included in so much of our work in 2019. User generated content has been vertical format for many years and it’s not surprising, or even new news, that audiences are consuming more media on their phones than anywhere else. So, as a platform for viewing branded content or entertainment, this should be considered right at the beginning of any campaign strategy and creative. It’s still mostly the case that much vertical content you see is cropped, rehashed or just straightforward 16:9 video stacked up and posted online, missing the creative opportunity that vertical offers us. In the creative industry, it’s essential to stay on top of the trends and make our work as platform specific as possible, no matter what device or aspect ratio required. We are creatures of adaptation so there was no question we had to adopt the 9:16 vertical format alongside our traditional video approaches.

Vertical video offers a different creative option to any other format. Much is said about the extra ‘real estate’ vertical offers on screen for a viewer, but not so much about the creative opportunities the taller aspect ratio gives us. Different framing, taller storytelling, skipping through stories, phone-friendly animations or even the simple creative approach to the ‘swipe up’ call to action - these extra opportunities can’t be ignored. The improved (not to mention convenient) viewing experience, and more efficient call to action offered by Instagram stories means that the role vertical offers to an audiences viewing experience can be important in any campaign; be it a brand piece, a commercial or a ‘teaser’ for driving to a landing page to watch more. Vertical is fresh, engaging and only gaining momentum so it has to be said… The only way is up(right).

In doing this, we are in no way saying goodbye to traditional 16:9 video content. The classic ratio is undoubtedly incredible for its widescreen offering and spatial opportunities, but when more than 75% of online video content is viewed on a phone, the vertical format is here to stay. Content creators must therefore embrace both formats and their respective creative opportunities, in order to appeal to all audiences.

Check out our new Vertical Hype Reel for more of an idea of what we create… best viewed on a phone of course :) 


Here are a few links to some of our vertical brand work below for Adidas, Jet 2 (in collaboration with Home Agency), Focus Bicycles and RHA :