Cut Media Showreel


Our 2019 showreel!

The aim was to give a sense of both what we have achieved as a small and growing company, but also tell you a little about who we are in 2019.

Our work isn’t just something we do, it’s something that gives voice to our imagination, our personalities, our talents and we will always continue to transcend traditional expectations. Ever growing, never slowing.  

Although a celebration of some of our best work and favourite jobs, we also created it to perfectly encompass everything we’re all about. We wanted to make a showreel that shows off more than just our technical abilities. We wanted one to showcase diversity in our work, our creative approaches and most importantly our personality. It was so important to get across a fun element, because hey, we’re a bunch of fun guys and gals, and it’s vital to connect with our audiences by evoking emotion. Inspiring people, sparking interest or causing a laugh or cry, the most important thing is to connect. 

Thanks for watching.